RevoGaming: Nintendo Revolution Rumors Explosion

In 2005 it was a heady time in the gaming community as Nintendo Revolution rumors flashed around the internet day and night. When Nintendo finally released in March of 2006 what everyone in the gaming world had being calling "Revolution" they were caught totally off guard: Nintendo officially ditched its long-used code name for its next generation machine, revealing Wii as the final name for the product. And the Gamers scream: Why!

This site had pages of rumor posts and like many other Revolution rumor sites was stunned with the name change. Even the exclusive interviews with Osoko Tanaka, a former Nintendo employee who had had access to classified Nintendo Revolution information seemed to lead to the conclusion that the new Nintendo introduction would be called "Revolution." Well, we were all caught by surprise. Until's domain expired, I probably read all the posted rumors and the comments they generated. I certainly added my two cents worth from time to time.

Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its original content from archived pages. Others had bought the domain, used it for their own purposes and then let the domain expire again before my recent purchase. Some of my friends don't get it. Why ressurect a defunct site? I love the idea of having an historical record available online. It's like looking at an old photograph and recalling what was happening when the picture was taken. I would even try to buy the domain of my favorite US online casino website, if it became available. I just love playing poker from the convenience and privacy of my own home. Many people like the idea of going to a casino to play. Perhaps they get jacked up with the excitement, lights, even festive atmosphere. I prefer playing poker online where I have no distractions. So sure, I would want that nostalgic "photo" online so I could recall all the great times I had playing.

Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent. I have added just enough content so readers can get an idea of the excitement that proceeded the Nintendo release.

Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back and read some of the 2006 news / rumors that were out there just before the release of the Nintendo's Wii.



The Osoko Tanaka Interviews by Revo Gaming

Interview : RevoGaming Exclusive: Osoko Tanaka Revolution Interview
Posted by TCM on 2005/6/21
Ramsey Kobeissi assumed the role of webmaster and Editor-in-Chief at RevoGaming.
RevoGaming will keep you updated.

Osoko Tanaka has caused quite a stir in the Nintendo community; he claims to be a former Nintendo, Co. Ltd. employee who has had access to classified Nintendo Revolution information. His weblog, Only Nintendo Revolution, has hundreds of followers. Webmaster Ramsey Kobeissi conducts an exclusive interview with this extraordinary proponent of the Revolution hype machine.

RevoGaming: You claim to have worked at Nintendo in the past. What position did you hold, and what was the reason for your departure from the company so many wish to work at?

Osoko Tanaka: I worked on the backwards-compatibility aspect of the Revolution with a great team, all good friends. I also worked on the Nintendo Revolution interface which allows great interaction with the player and other applications.

My involvement with the Revolution's development meant that I was allowed access to confidential information such as the Revolution's controller.

I can't comment on why I don't work at Nintendo now. It is a clause of the work contract.

RevoGaming: To what extent were you involved in the development of the Nintendo Revolution?

Osoko Tanaka: I know all that was needed to work on the system; you can't work on the development of a console without knowing anything about it. We discussed ideas with important developers, and their suggestions were noted. Miyamoto was also involved; he has many awesome ideas. I look up to him.

RevoGaming: Have you actually played a Nintendo Revolution [prototype]? Please explain the new experience Nintendo claims it can offer.

Osoko Tanaka: I have been present in all discussions, and therefore have heard all ideas regarding the Revolution at Nintendo. I have been witness to Revolution demonstrations. It is hard to describe the experience the Revolution will offer; it has to be seen or felt rather than described. It is another gaming experience. I know that when you see a demonstration of the system, you will be impressed.

RevoGaming: Rumors are thick across forums that Nintendo's current Revolution information is a 'trojan horse' of sorts; that a proper unveiling will be held later this year that will reveal a completely different console. Is there any substance to this rumour?

Osoko Tanaka: Nintendo has always impressed, and will not fail to do so with the Revolution. Nintendo have no problems with changing the hardware. However, I do not know if the Revolution will be changed for sure as that work belonged with an another department. What I can tell you is that Nintendo is working very hard at increasing the Revolution's power. A similar process was executed in the development of the GameCube. Nintendo are also considering implementing more ideas into the Revolution. Miyamoto has been a prime source of ideas, having many of them on all aspects of the console.

RevoGaming: How is the controller revolutionary? What ideas were discussed before alighting on a final concept?

Osoko Tanaka: Nintendo want to change the concept of the standard console controller; to transmit different experiences. With Nintendo 64, a great step was seen in the development of controllers. Consider the Nintendo Revolution as a radical step for the better.

You'll feel inside the game. When these feelings are transmitted through the controller, you'll feel you right there, in the game. You'll be impressed.

RevoGaming: RevoGaming recently showed a controller in the news section. Is this the controller, or is the real controller similar in any way?

Osoko Tanaka: A fake; but a beautiful one at that.

RevoGaming: People have linked the Revolution's controller to the Novint Falcon. Novint claims that they will be launching a console-compatible version of their Falcon in 2006, the year that the Revolution will supposedly be released in. Is there any substance to this rumour?

Osoko Tanaka: It certainly is an interesting concept. However, it is not for the Revolution. There is no likening.

RevoGaming: We'll discuss the Revolution specifications now. Are there any conrete specs so far?

Osoko Tanaka: The Nintendo Revolution will have next-generation graphics. A system that can appeak to all gamers in specs and visuals. Many casual gamers want to see great graphics in a console. Nintendo has taken this into account.

RevoGaming: How is third-party support for the Revolution? Are there games coming from small developers, exclusive contracts and major developers? Any good second- or third-party exclusives lined up?

Osoko Tanaka: On the Revolution, we'll see exclusives from all manner of developers: first-, second- and third-party. A major factor is that the experience offered by the Revolution is unlike anything that can be offered on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. This means that developers can transmit their ideas in innovative and new ways on the Revolution. And they will do so.

Konami, Sega, Capcom and Square-Enix are amongst those developing for the Revolution. There are many more. Smaller developers can receive developing and financial help from Nintendo [Yamauchi's Q Fund]. The Revolution allows for all games to be developed at low costs yet with amazing results.

RevoGaming: The Nintendo Revolution has two USB ports, a first for a Nintendo console. Are there any as-yet-unannounced add-ons that will utilise this? A hard drive, perhaps, for MMORPGs and the like?

Osoko Tanaka: It is important to have a hard drive, and this will become evident in the next generation. Nintendo plans to release a hard drive for the Revolution, as well as many other peripherals. The Revolution's interface is ready and optimised for integration of these peripherals.

RevoGaming: A recent Ubisoft press release noted the release of the Revolution to be Q4 2006, at least for European territories (no other dates were given). Many fans are worried about this prospect. Is there any substance to the date, or is it just a safe guess by Ubisoft?

Osoko Tanaka: I do not know exact dates for the Revolution's release. However, I do know that all gamers will see the Revolution in 2006. 2006 is the year of the Revolution, although perhaps for the Japanese at first. Nintendo will not fall behind in the next-generation race.

RevoGaming:What is the estimated date for the release of more Revolution information? This ranges from the unveiling of 'Hollywood' and 'Broadway' to the controller and the release of development kits.

Osoko Tanaka: Details will be revealed when they are finalised. Hollywood and Broadway, as with the rest of the Revolution, are still in development (albeit mostly complete). Nintendo also wants to make sure that its competitors will not copy its ideas.

RevoGaming: Can you spill the beans on or at at least name some titles in development for Revolution that have not already been announced?

Osoko Tanaka: Capcom is working on an exclusive game for the Revolution. It is not part of the Resident Evil series. Nintendo wants to expand its range of games and create new games. For the exclusive game, Capcom is following Nintendo's development philosophy.

RevoGaming: Finally, what is planned for the release of the system? Any specific games etc.?

Osoko Tanaka: We'll see many Nintendo games at launch; some new franchises, some established.

The information provided by Osoko Tanaka is extremely interesting and should certainly be wood on the fire for Revolution speculation. RevoGaming must remind readers that the above information is unconfirmed; there are many fans, though, who believe Osoko and his statements. Osoko stands by his statements as truth.
Osoko Tanaka posts regularly at his Nintendo Revolution-related weblog, Only Nintendo Revolution.


Mostly 2006 News / Rumors

Rumor : Silent Hill 5: Revolution Exclusive?
Posted by TCM on 2006/1/23 13:47:54 (1383 reads)

Following recent announcements by Konami that they are supporting the Revolution, rumours are floating around of a Silent Hill 5 exclusive...

The following statement appeared in the Portuguese magazine "Player Zone", and has been translated and tidied up courtesy of Cubed3:

"Konami Computer Entertainment Japan and Nintendo yesterday announced the development of 'Silent Hill 5' for the Japanese company's new console, codenamed Revolution. Although everyone initially thought that the new edition of this horror series would arrive exclusively for PS3 [C3 note: since the rest of the series has been on Sony formats], it would seem that the development team was seduced by the innovative Revolution controller. According to Akira Yamaoka, Producer of the series: "We are excited with the great possibilities of the new control. We believe that the Silent Hill series will have a great jump [in the next generation] and the Revolution is the solution to materialise our innovative plans ". Silent Hill 5 will be launched exclusively for the Nintendo Revolution. The first images will be published, according to Yamaoka, during the Eletronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in May 2006."

This would be the first time that a game in the main Silent Hill series has appeared on a Nintendo console. This coincides with the announcement of Konami support for the Revolution as well as previous statements made my Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid.
RevoGaming will keep you updated.


Feature: Attack of the Fanboys #4: Peter Moore and His New Shoe
Posted by JPIE on 2006/1/23 13:12:25 (483 reads)
Nikolai From examines a recent interview with Peter Moore.


Rumour : Sunder: Land of Divide Part II
Posted by TSAR on 2006/1/22 23:15:54
You've heard about it, but you're wondering..."Is Sunder for real?" Well, come find out. Details inside...

Over the weekend, the game Sunder: Land of Divide stirred up some controversy on the internet when some detailed specs were sent to Kotaku. Sunder apparently is intended to be some sort of shooter for the Revolution, Kotaku was able to post several scans of images that depicted weapons from the game and how the controller is used in conjunction with gameplay. While the concept seemed impressive, and a shooter is always welcome on a Nintendo console, the question remained; is Sunder real or not? Well, it turns out that the game is quasi-real. It is not an official, approved Revolution game, however it is a concept that the developers, LifeSpark Studios would like to see come to the Revolution at some point.

Here is a statement written to Kotaku from LifeSpark Studios regarding the “leaked” Sunder: Land of Divide information.

We have come to the point that we understand the gaming world is starting to become stale idea wise. So we have developed a new genre, the IBG or “Integral Battle Game” in order to provide the gaming community with something entirely new and immersive. We promise that we will try to present the most unique and new experience possible.

We were wanting Sunder to gain viral popularity via leaks over a few weeks time before we launched our site. LifeSpark Studios is a development company I and Derek Sarbou have founded and Sunder is a project we have been working on for months now. However, we felt it would get very little attention needed to get it seen by publishers if we launched the site without some form of viral release before the site launch. It is indeed a pitch package rather than a game in full development, but much time has been dedicated to it and so far we have accrued over 60 pages of information solely on the game itself.

The reason I am telling you this now is because a small blog has managed to successfully connect Sunder to me. The problem being that I have a known history for fakes/hoaxes concerning the Revolution. Of course, due to that fact people are now starting to label it as fake. That is just not true. We have no publisher or funding but the project is indeed a legitimate project. This is a legitimate project and we are looking for support.

You all (Kotaku) know who I am. I run and my name is Kenton Bailey. Anyhow, if you would like to conduct an interview we would be very grateful, especially now that we have the problem of Sunder being deemed as fake. We want people to know that it is an actual project by us as a group of smalltime developers wanting to start something big. The storyline is fresh, the gameplay is very intuitive, and all together the entire project is very unique when it comes down to concept. For what we have so far I think it is safe to say that if a project for what we have in mind were to recieve attention and funding it would be a very successful product for the Revolution.
Thank you,
-Kenton Bailey


Rumour : Ubisoft Developer: Nintendo Back In The Race
A supposed Ubisoft developer has made some interesting comments regarding next-gen development and the Revolution


Feature : Thoughts From Death Mountain No. 12: Know Your Roots Posted by JPIE on 2006/1/7 10:22:32 (695 reads) You said it. Jack hates Nintendo. What’s he doing on this site anyway? Well, he’d like a chance to respond.

So my New Year’s article was posted last week, and soon the comments started pouring in. Like every week, I read every comment and value them as feedback I can use to improve the weekly feature. But this week just blew me away. I hate Nintendo? Really? Where did that come from, because I play Madden, Grand Theft Auto, and Halo 2? There’s a reason that those three games sell so many copies and are considered mainstream, and that reason is that they are all great games. Just because I write for a Nintendo website does not mean I have to be a Nintendo fan boy and hate on anything not released for the Gamecube.

With that being said, I’d like to prove that I am a Nintendo fan first and foremost, even though I make a serious effort to remain objective in my articles. Here we’re going to dig into the vault of video game articles I’ve written, this one for a rhetoric class that I wrote during my senior year in high school.

There once was a time when Nintendo ruled the video gaming universe, easily winning the hearts of hundreds of thousands of children with its innovative and exciting game play. Nintendo’s lead mascot, Mario, soon became a household name as he and his brother Luigi battled Bowser in attempts to rescue Princess Peach on televisions in living rooms across the world. The name “Nintendo” was then synonymous with the phrase “video games,” and the one-time playing card manufacturer was a full-fledged interactive media corporation.

Sadly, Nintendo has since fallen off its throne atop the video game hierarchy, and its fate is yet to be decided. Many believe Nintendo should go the route of its former rival, Sega, and drop out of the video game console business to focus solely on producing games for Sony’s and Microsoft’s new systems. While this may seem like a sound business idea, I, and any other true Nintendo supporters, know that trying to enjoy a Nintendo game on a Sony platform would be like a Boston sports fan trying to root for a George Steinbrenner-owned Red Sox team.

Today’s world of video games consists overwhelmingly of two things: gratuitous violence and scantily clad characters, usually female. Eighteen to twenty-five year old males dominate the video game target fan base, and because Nintendo has strayed from the boring, overdone, mainstream image of “edgy” and “extreme,” (which is usually accomplished by having games starring brave, deep-voiced, machine-gun-wielding “heroes” and their sexy sidekicks) Nintendo has now been labeled as strictly “for the kids.” And no one wants to be caught playing children’s games.

Somehow, a hobby that once managed to get all of its followers labeled as geeks has now been divided into two groups: games that are socially acceptable to play (mainly sports games and shooters), and games that are for kids or nerds (anything else). Unfortunately for it and for many of its fans, Nintendo has not often fallen on the favorable side of that dividing line.

Admittedly, Nintendo has made its mistakes. While Sony’s Playstation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox came out looking like slick, black, entertainment machines, Nintendo’s Gamecube came out looking like a purple lunchbox—complete with a handle. But what Nintendo lacks in terms of aesthetically pleasing console design, it more than makes up for in its games. No company has so consistently captured my devotion the way Nintendo has with its Zelda or Mario series’, and no other corporation has fans as committed as Nintendo does now.

Many of my fondest memories are of playing Nintendo. Every Friday when I was in elementary school I was granted the privilege of renting a new video game for my Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or SNES, to those in the know). Rarely were these rentals ever returned on time as I was so enchanted by the fantastic adventures that each one provided me. Almost half of my middle school experience was dominated by my fascination with the Legend of Zelda and my ever-growing desire to don a green tunic and ride a horse through the nearby meadows. Just the thought of having to ride horseback through the open fields of Hyrule on my Xbox makes me cringe, and the mere vision of Mario Kart being played with a Playstation controller is enough for me to require some Imodium® AD.

As any true Nintendo fan will attest, Nintendo games on other systems just would not feel right. Like sleeping with your best friend’s ex-girlfriend, it is simply something that should not be done. The games brandishing the Nintendo crest are sacred, and Sony and Microsoft are imposters, temporarily controlling the kingdom that will someday belong once again to the house that Mario built. Until then, we pray.

I hope this goes to show that I am a huge Nintendo fan. My NES is connected to the TV in front of me right now, and my t-shirt is advertising the Legend of Zelda. Just because I got bored with Beyond Good and Evil doesn’t mean that I “dread” it or am just another generic gamer. How about a few weeks ago when I recommended Ikaruga? If I write about mainstream games more often, it’s because I think more people will have played them and there’s a better chance the reader will understand what I am talking about.

Also, I stray away from the diehard mentality that I displayed in my high school essay because it’s hard to take a fan boy seriously as an intelligent and thoughtful person, when all three major video game companies have something to offer. Even though I love Nintendo, I love all video games and I’m able to fully enjoy them on any console, whether they’re mainstream or not.

There have been times in my articles that I’ve criticized Nintendo, sure. Just because I’m writing for RevoGaming doesn’t mean I should give them a free pass. When I get angry and criticize Nintendo, it’s because I’m rooting for them. I want them to succeed, so when they do something that I think is a bad idea, be it strategically or in their games, I get disappointed.

So let it be known: I love Nintendo and all that they have accomplished. But I’m not going to sit back and blindly hold faith in everything they do, and I’m not going to write my articles from a completely biased point of view because I think it’s unprofessional to do so. 

Just know I’m rooting for the N all the way.
The views contained in this article are those of the author and do not represent the opinion of RevoGaming as a whole.


Rumour : Debunked. Nintendo Denies Free-Hand Controller Compatibility for Zelda game.
Posted by JPIE on 2006/1/6 13:25:02 (651 reads)
Nintendo has spoken to Eurogamer about the Twilight Princess on Revolution rumor. Details inside.

It was recently rumored that The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess would be able to take advantage of the Revolution's free-hand controller, presumably for sword swinging and other such actions.

Unfortunately for fans excited about those possibilities, Nintendo has confirmed that they were just rumors, telling Eurogamer that the article that mentioned the possibilities contained "pure speculation." The Big N also re-confirmed that Twilight Princess was going to come out on the Gamecube, as has always been the plan.
As always, RevoGaming will keep you updated.

2005 New / Rumors

Nintendo : Nintendo Revolution will be below $299
> Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/30 11:26:06 (162 reads)

In a quick comment, Satoru Iwata has finally said the Revolution will be priced at sub $299. Details inside.


Sales Figures : 5 Million DS Units Sold in 13 Months in Japan
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/26 11:16:51 (422 reads)

Reuters reports that 5 Million DS units have been sold in Japan in 13 months.


Rumour : The Revolution has gone gold
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/26 10:47:56 (1105 reads
Nintendo may be ready to mass produce the Revolution.


Feature : Thoughts From Death Mountain No. 10: Let's Call It What It Is
Posted by JPIE on 2005/12/24 20:42:19 (517 reads)

Jack Pierce hates the new Madden for the Xbox 360 in this week's column.


Feature : Podcast Episode 9!
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/23 19:44:27 (258 reads)

We’re back! Sorry about last week- times were crazy. Despite the lack of news, the podcast carries on. Check out Episode 009!


Rumour : Twilight Princess can play using Revolution's controller
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/22 20:41:00 (620 reads)

The upcoming Legend of Zelda game will supposedly be playable on the Revolution - with the new controller.

According to NGC, a UK based magazine, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be playable on the Revolution using the freehand controller. The new Zelda game is still set to release in spring 2006 for gamecube.

The also article confirms a November 2006 release date for the Revolution (unfortunately).
An excerpt from the article: From the article: "NGC can exclusively reveal that Twilight Princess will be playable on the forthcoming Revolution using the upcoming console’s unique controller. Zelda will actually ‘bring in’ the Revolution by launching fairly close to the new system, which is set to be released around November of next year, according to our sources."


Site News : RevoGaming Site Staff Positions Available
Posted by JPIE on 2005/12/19 12:19:18 (489 reads)

Want to be on the site staff? Details inside.


Feature : Thoughts From Death Mountain No. 8: The God of Gaming
Posted by JPIE on 2005/12/11 0:11:35 (971 reads)

If Jack Pierce was the God of Gaming?


Feature : Podcast Episode 8
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/10 1:41:26 (555 reads)

Have you heard?'s podcast episode 8 has just been released...


Nintendo : A Response to Concerned Fans
Posted by JPIE on 2005/12/9 10:21:57 (1412 reads)

Nintendo issues a response letter to fans concerned about the Revolution's graphics. Details inside.


Nintendo : MTV gets to demo the Revolution's Controller
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/8 16:47:42 (1309 reads
MTV gets hands on with the Revolution's Controller, what do they think? Well, it "feels smooth as puppet strings." Details inside.


Nintendo Revolution : Exclusive: "Hollywood" Information
Posted by TCM on 2005/12/7 11:03:29 (8340 reads
One of the two sources who gave us information on IBM's "Broadway" processor today gave us information on the "Hollywood" GPU from ATi. Details inside.


Rumour : Revolution to arrive for Thanksgiving 2006
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/6 0:07:14 (1088 reads)

We all expect the Revolution to launch some time in 2006, but several developers have been been given a very narrow time frame. Details inside.

IGN is reporting that several developers have reported to them that Nintendo is planning to launch in America during the week of Thanksgiving, 2006. These sources are unnamed, however Thanksgiving 2006 would be just over five years after the launch of the Gamecube on November 18th, 2001.

Nintendo has repeatedly said that they must launch before Sony's Playstation 3, which by some accounts could be in stores as early as March, 2006. Although this is just a rumor, this seems to be the most concrete information about the Revolution's launch date so far. Looks like we are just going to have to wait until E3 for the offical word.
RevoGaming will keep you posted


Nintendo Revolution: Speculation on the Power of the Revolution
Posted by JPIE on 2005/12/5 19:37:29 (1373 reads) recently gathered information from developers who are working on the Revolution. Details inside.


Site News : RevoGaming Is Great
Posted by TCM on 2005/12/5 17:06:22 (526 reads)

Under this hugely arrogant news title, we bring you the latest stats on RevoGaming and how it is expanding. Details inside.


Nintendo : Official Nintendo website
Posted by Se[BBB]e on 2005/12/5 16:59:42 (766 reads)

Nintendo of Europe has launched a new webpage for the Revolution. Details inside.


Rumour : Metroid Prime 3 Screenshots Leaked?
Posted by TCM on 2005/12/5 13:31:21 (4926 reads)

Images of what are supposedly Metroid Prime 3 have surfaced on the internet. Details and image inside.


Rumour : New Revolution Screens?
Posted by TSAR on 2005/12/5 10:23:07 (1983 reads)

Some new supposed Revolution screenshots have surfaced....
However, the developer (NIBRI) of has no official Revolution development kit or publisher ready to distribute the game. the image comes from the game entitled Raid of the River. The actual screen was developed on a PC, however the developer says that they would like to do this game exclusively for Nintendo- exclusively on the Revolution and DS. Joystiq says "Take this with the largest dose of salt Joystiq has ever prescribed."


Feature : Imagine: "Cloud" Revolution
Posted by TCM on 2005/12/4 16:21:42 (2174 reads)

Webmaster Ramsey Kobeissi explores the possibilities for some existing games on the extraordinary hardware of the Revolution in a new editorial series, imagine. This week, Cloud.


Feature : Thoughts From Death Mountain No. 7: Whatchu Want
Posted by JPIE on 2005/12/3 18:59:27 (823 reads)

Jack Pierce examines the best and worst gifts of this holiday season in his weekly feature.


Nintendo Revolution : Work Begins on Super Smash Bros. Revolution
Posted by JPIE on 2005/12/3 10:34:20 (715 reads)

Masahiro Sakurai recently spoke with Famitsu about the upcoming Smash Bros. game. Details inside.


Industry : "Pong" Creator Praises Revolution
Posted by TCM on 2005/12/3 6:42:43 (395 reads)

Nolan Bushnell, the creator of Pong, praised the Revolution controller. Details inside.


Rumour : IBM's Broadway Complete
Posted by TCM on 2005/11/16 8:18:57 (17837 reads)

RevoGaming has heard from sources inside the development community that IBM has finalised the Broadway processor and is showing it to developers. Details inside.

The details come from two different sources inside the development community. One source revealed the information to RevoGaming around three weeks ago, whilst the other revealed it to us a few days ago. We were waiting for a word from another development insider before we would report it.

Apparently, the "Broadway" processor is finished, and IBM has shown plans and a prototype to Nintendo. After some discussion, it has been shown to select developers. One source said that the processor was a dual-core one, whilst the other would not reveal any technical information.

Both sources would not talk about ATi's "Hollywood" graphics chip or any other internal Revolution components. The names of the sources cannot be revealed at their request, nor the developers they work at.

There is no official word from Nintendo, so this should still be classified as a rumour.
RevoGaming will keep you updated.